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Do you know where I can find HPS yearbooks from the 1950-1960s? My mother Joanne Cox, attended school there, though I’m not sure for how long. I was only able to find her in the 1958 yearbook on She was 6 years old. My mom died in 2016 and lost all her yearbooks years ago so I am on the hunt to find them.

Mindy Atlakson

My Years at HPS: About 1957-1966


Does anyone remember two particular field trips: one was to a museum or park with an outdoor section where we could fish in long cement-like trenches, and men dressed in Native American garb helped us put the fish in baskets hanging on one’s side, like a shoulder bag with a flat side? I know it was real. The other trip, less mysterious was to swim at the Mann’s private blue-bottom pool in Hollywood Hills. Thanks.¬†

Jackie Braitman  

My Years at HPS: 1959-1961

Reunion Stories, Photos and Videos

Were you in attendance on August 5, 2017? If you have any photos or videos you would like to share on this site, please forward them (or a link) to the webmaster ( for inclusion. And if you have any stories, feel free to post them yourself or forward them. Let’s preserve the memories…