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One thought on “Welcome”

  1. We’ve just recently heard from Tony Butala, who is quite busy touring the country with his Lettermen, but will make it a top priority to be with us on August 5 at the Lodge. Here are some of his remarks, for everyone who has already registered or who is still considering: “I’m looking forward to this event and meeting some of the younger alumna, as well as reviving a lot of old friendships and reliving some great memories from those early days”. “I would be able to — just for fun — sing along with a few of our Lettermen hit records at our reunion as we would be playing a CD of The Lettermen group”.
    “I will definitely bring a few bottles of my Castlebrooke Winery – Butala Vineyards – Napa Valley, CA, 2007, ’08 and ’09 Merlot to the reunion.” Yes, there will be a wine tasting.
    So we hope you will join us for this special event. It will be one of a kind. There will not be another like this. If you are still hesitant about attending, or perhaps even have ruled it out, we hope you will give it some more thought. It’s certainly not too late to register, and I’ll personally feel a bit sad for those who miss out on this experience, perhaps waiting for “the next one”. Here are more words from Tony, in closing: “I too feel sorry for the people who seem to be hesitant, for whatever reason, to get on board and join this potentially wonderful event.”
    See you on August 5 at the Lodge, where new HPS memories shall be made..


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